Sunday, August 16, 2009

White Sands National Monument

An interesting time to visit White Sands National Monument is during a wind storm. The gypsum (it's not really sand) drifts like fine snow. You get ready to step out into this frozen world but then it's about 75 degrees out. My senses were confused. The wind also reduces numbers of other tourists.

Annie didn't think breathing gypsum was a very good idea. She's probably right.

Roots holding on to maintain there little stationary islands in a moving world.

Truth or Consequences

The town of Truth or Consequences in central New Mexico is built on natural hot springs. Some how the town has also been able to avoid changing since the 50's. Renovation goes on and we were lucky enough to find this newly renovated hot tub motel. The hot tubs are concrete with bottoms made of small river rock where the water just flows up through and out the drain, constantly.. a must stop along the banks of the Rio Grande.

Annie in fully soaked relaxed mode.