Monday, December 22, 2008

Last two days have been more snow.  We drove from Montpelier to Twin Falls, Idaho yesterday. Stayed ahead of the storm and arrived at my parents in time for lunch. Snow started falling in the afternoon and continued off and on most of the night.  Today it warmed up enough to start melting the snow and now is turning into a frozen solid mess.  Annie and I are connected here in a Barnes and Noble, she's knitting and I, well that's apparent.  The images today are from the two bridges here in Twin. The core ten arch bridge is the Perrine Bridge and the concrete column bridge is the Hansen Bridge and was built when I was a young kid.  The cement trucks roared by our house for months.  My beloved dog King, the black lab crossed the highway in front of one of the trucks and was knocked into the ditch by a tire.  He learned his lesson and was able to stay alive for many years after even though he managed to sneek off to town on a regular basis.  It's a pleasure being with family. Annie and I had a wonderful dinner at brother Roger's house last night.  Mom and Dad are in incredible shape considering the 88 years.  

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