Friday, January 23, 2009

It seems so many miles ago when we drove across Nevada, I guess about a week ago.  Driving from Ely to Carson City is an endless rotation of vistas and back down to the valleys.  Climbing over passes every forty miles or so.  What incredible blue skies and clear air.  The west is so wonderfully empty.
This is Sand Mountain just east of Fallon, Nevada.  Looking in the opposite direction is a huge salt flat.
South of Fallon Annie and I spent the day exploring the ruins of Fort Churchill.  It was built in the same rectangular fashion as the other forts that we have visited.  The buildings  are controlled by the available material, in this case adobe.  

The Carson River ran near the Fort and through Carson City and became an important subject for art and exploration during our delightful weekend stay with Marianne and Aaron.

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