Monday, January 5, 2009

The top image is the canyon below Twin Falls and then Shoshone Falls.  These large drops in the Snake River (212 feet for Shoshone) were gouged out by the Bonneville Lake Floods about 15000 years ago.  A glacial finger broke and allowed the lake to fill this canyon and gouge it an estimated 6 times deeper.  Use to play here as a child, guess I still am.

Three sketches from the local area. The lava rocks are magnified by the contrast in value with the snow.

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  1. Hey John!

    Lynch and I are checking out your blog and he wants to know why you're using watercolor. He thought at first that your paint brush would freeze before you got it out of the water, but then he realized that you were sitting in your car...he called you a wussie! (I think he's just jealous because I got an e-mail from you and he didn't) He said he want's to break up! We're doing Taco Tuesday tomorrow, I'll try to calm him down a little then.

    The pictures look great! I love the fish pic, I know you're proud!